Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dueling Round 1

I won the first round of dueling! It was pretty darn close too. I was up against Patonga Pinkstone of Ravenclaw and I knew she had finished her mitts before I was done with mine. Fortunately the Owl Post had already closed for the day and she could not send it out to me until morning. I was up until 2:00 am finishing the pair I made for her. Which I think came out pretty nice. She was pleased with them and said they fit great.

Here is the pair that Patonga sent me. Pretty cool in Puff house colors.
Next round I'm up against Lily of Flitwick from Slytherin. She'll be a tough one to go up against, but I hear those snakes can't handle Broadway show tunes and 80's music.


ella said...

congratulations! those mitts looks great!!

setembrina said...

very nice....good job

Quinn said...

Nice gloves!!! Very Huffley :D

Wisteria Lovegoods said...

Congratuations, Antonio. Nice gloves.