Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

I'm definitely smiling in this picture because of the package of awesomeness that I received last week from my swap partner Sibohan.
It was late in the day when her owl dropped this package at my door step. Once I opened it, I found it full of blue and siler wrapped goodies.
The perfect end to a long day is getting to unwrap all sorts of goodies. Here is everything that came in the package. Quite a a haul! 

There was chocolates, jelly beans, Harry Potter activity books, sock yarn, a sock pattern, Starbucks coffee, a crochet beanie, more blue and grey wool, stitch markers and blocking pins. Like I said, quite the haul!

A close up of the yarns. The sock yarn is really soft and I can't wait to make myself some socks with it. 

The height of awesomeness... a Hufflepuff Prefect Badge!

Lastly, a close up of the crochet beanie, which I was able to wear while shoveling snow this week. Thanks again to my awesome spoiler!