Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sock Kit Swap - OOC

In addition to HSKS Summer Camp, I was also participating in the Sock Kit Swap 2 on Ravelry. This was the first swap I was ever in that I had to knit socks for someone else. Except for 3 pairs, every pair of socks I've made have been for myself. This was also the first time I wasn't making a pair of mens socks.

The theme for the swap was "Favorites", so you could use your favorite pattern, favorite sock yarns, favorite colors. Of course we kept in contact with our swap partner to learn what their favorites were. It was a lot of fun and very different from the HSKS.

The package from my partner came in late on Saturday. We are last on our mail carrier's route, so we always get our mail late in the day. Plus I was out of the house whe nit was delivered and did not get home until early evening. Here are some pics of the kit I was sent.

The dark blue sack is a GoKnit Pouch that you can feed your yarn through and attach to a bag strap or belt so you can easily take your knitting with you.
She sent 2 KnitPicks Harmony Circular needles! Plus a Mini-Sock Blocker Key Chain, which is also a needle gauge.
A skein of hand-painted sock yarn from one of the local Portland dyers.
And the socks that she knit for me!
Here are the socks that I made her. I was very proud of the fact that the stripes matched on both socks. That never happens!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

SUMMER CAMP GAMES - Week #5; Part 2

1. Animagus
2. Daily Prophet
4. Bowtruckle
5. Extendable Ears
5. Radish Earrings
6. Forbidden Forrest
7. Golden Cherub
8. Thestral
9. High Inquisitor
Dolores Umbridge and Uncle Vincenzio
10. Educational Degree

Tuesday, July 21, 2009



1. Animagus
2. Daily Prophet
3. Bowtruckle
4. Extendable Ear
5. Radish Earrings
6. Forbidden Forest
7. Golden Cherub
8. Thestral
9. High Inquisitor
10. Educational Decree

Part 2 is in the works...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Tuesday night I was able to attend the Muggle opening of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." Uncle Vincenzio was able to get tickets for myself and my two best friends: Malibu Riddle and Johnny Malfoy. We arrived early and had time to stop in a nearby pub for a pint of Butterbeer before the show.

There were many Muggles dressed in Wizards attire, so we blended in perfectly. There was a moment when one young Muggle tried to grab Malibu's wand and many of them commented on how authentic our wizards attire and wands looked. If they only knew :-)

I will say that the Muggle who made this film did not stay true to the history of Harry Potter. He completed ignored my cousin William being attacked by Greyback and the attack on the Weasley family home did not happen until Bill and Fleur were married. Malibu explained that these Muggles tend to change stories around to make what they think will be a more appealing story.

By the time the show had let out it was quite late and it had been a long day. Although we were asked the strangest thing outside of the theatre. A young Muggle approached us asking if we had jumper cables and could give him a jump? I had no idea what he meant, but Johnny quickly responded, saying that we couldn't help him. I guess it has something to do with those Muggle automobiles. After he was out of site we each mounted our brooms to head home.

It was a long night but we had a really good time.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I've never been fond of snakes. They are alright in a case, behind glass. But I don't want to hold one or have it crawling over me.
What walks down stairs, alone or in pairs, and makes a slinkity sound?
A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing! Everyone knows it's Slinky.
It's Slinky, it's Slinky. For fun it's a wonderful toy.
It's Slinky, it's Slinky. It's fun for a girl or a boy.
It's fun for a girl or a boy!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wizards Vernal Equinox Knitting Retreat

During the break between HSKS7 and HSKS Summer Camp, I was able to attend the Wizards Vernal Equinox Knitting Retreat with Uncle Vincenzio. It was held at a lovely mountain resort in a Muggle area known as Greenwich, NY... with is 30 miles from Albany. The resort isn't on the Floo Network and our brooms could not hold everything we needed to bring with us, so we traveling in Uncle Vincenzio's Muggle automobile.

Uncle Vincenzio isn't used to traveling remote country roads, so there were times we thought we would never get there. But we did arrive and checked in just in time for dinner that first night.

Wizards from all over America and Canada traveled to this retreat. There was even a wizard who came all the way from Australia! There were 42 wizards total who attended. Here is a group photo of those in attendance.
We shared a cabin with 3 other wizards; Kyle, John and Chuck.
We worked on a group project where those of us attending knit or crocheted a 15" blanket square. At the retreat the squares were assembled into a blanket that was donated to the Easton Mountain Resort on behalf of the Wizards Knitting Retreat.

The attendees volunteered to teach workshops on specific knitting and crochet topics. Uncle Vincenzio taught Continental Knitting and the Magic Loop Technique. There were some great workshops and a whole lot of knitting and crocheting going on.
Of course there was spinning as well.
We even got some staff members to take up needles and learn the basics.
After a hard day of fiber related fun, there was also time for relaxing.
We also had a night of Show-N-Tell, where everyone showed off their creations.
We had a great time and will definitely be going back again next year!