Thursday, August 20, 2009

Owl From Luna Starlette

It seems like I'm running late at posting everything these days. Well a couple of days ago an owl delivered a package for me from Luna Starlette.
It was filled with all sorts of goodies and kit supplies.
There was some Swish DK from Knit Picks, which I have not tried yet. Along with a Knit Picks gift certificate, you can always use that. A tidy little Hufflepuff bag carries it all.
There was also a pattern for the "H Is For Hufflepuff" Fingerless Mitts. I need to practice my 2-Handed Fair Isle Knitting, so this will come in handy.There was a big bar of Dark Chocolate (my favorite), a pac of Soak Wool Wash, and a set of Suede Slipper Bottoms for Fiber Trends Felted Slippers. How did she know I love wearing those? :-)Last, but certainly not least is a one-of-a-kind Hufflepuff T-Shirt! Check out the back!
It appears that someone must have put a reducto charm on the t-shirt because it's rather on the snug side. I'm sure I wear a Large, I've always worn a large. I think Wisteria's prankster cousin Thistle may have way-laid this owl to pull another of her well known pranks. I'm sure Wisty would agree on that.

Thanks again Luna.

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Hermione Bagnold said...

Fantastic kit! Way to go, Luna!