Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Busy Week

Have had a lot going on this week and haven't been able to spend much time as Antonio. My kit has been sitting, waiting to be sent. I have one thing left to do, then just pictures, wrap it up and package it, then send it out. It will be on the top of my Friday To-Do-List.

I've also been busy with the Buffalo Knitting Guild. First, one of the LYS owners has me teaching sock yarn dyeing at her shop on the 22nd. So I need to get everything ready for that. My order of base yarn just came in yesterday, so I have to wind off skeins from the cone for the class to use. Have to double check my hand out materials to make sure I have enough of those.

I'm also working on the Guild newsletter, which is almost finished (can't wait for that to be done). Just need to fill one more page, then it goes to the printer. I'll also be teaching my sock yarn dyeing class in November for the guild.

I started a computer class this week to learn Microsoft Access. I'm looking to go to school for Web Design and Programming, so this is a good start and it's a free class through the Department of Labor. We have Friday off, then start again on Monday.


Devon said...

Awesome! You should be getting your package soon... I hope you like it!!!

Antonio dela Weasley said...

Very cool! Can't wait to see what you put together1 :-)