Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thank You Cassandra Black!

A very tired Canadian owl arrived at my home today, having traveled all the way from Alberta, Canada with quite a package!

I was very excited to see that my HSKS4 swap package had arrive! What had Cassandra sent me!

The box was just chock full of Hufflepuff themed goodies! I could see beautiful black and yellow sock yarn!

Just look at all of it! Yarn, needles, a Harry Potter notebook and pens, a sock pattern which was written by Cassandra's muggle persona too!

Bag o' knitterly goods! Though I had to admit when I first saw the bag I thought it was a toque (that's Canadian for a knit hat, eh!) We are a border city here in Buffalo, NY.

There was also a skein of Regia cotton sock yarn, for making some summer socks! An Inox circular needle for sock knitting, a personal favorite brand. As well as stitch markers, sock shaped points protectors and a box of tasty orange tea!

Thank you again Cassandra! I can't wait to start working with that gorgeous Hufflepuff sock yarn!


Jenean said...

Yay!! What an awesome kit :)

Penelope Pinkstone said...

Ooh, very nice! Well the the wait, heh?

Lavender A said...

Great to have you back in Hufflepuff this term Antonio!

knitting by kaae eller bare Charlotte said...

WAW... aweaome school start you'll get... ;0)
A firt year Hufflepuff hoping to get in to the house