Sunday, May 11, 2008

2nd Term Starting Soon!

The next term at Hogwarts will be starting very soon and I am really excited about being able to continue in the magical fiber transfiguration program. My first year in the program was so great and I learned so many new things about it. Though for some reason everyone at school is under the impression that I was my sister Antonia during first year... strange.... ::grin::

I've already been paired with a partner for fiber transfiguration. She is a very nice first year Ravenclaw named Agatha Ackerly. We've owled each other and I learned she lives nearby and her family often comes for stays in my home town. Hopefully she'll be visiting over the holiday break and we can go sight seeing together.

I've also wanted to let everyone know, my uncle Vincenzo Ricardo dela Weasley has a magical fiber shop in Diagon Alley and he is offering a 10% discount to all Hogwarts students who are enrolled in the Magical Fiber Transfiguration program! If you get a chance to stop in before term starts he has some really brilliant selections. He will of course do owl delivery to Hogwarts. Here is the floo to his shop if you'd like to see what he has.

Buy Handmade

When you place your order, be sure to let him know that his favorite nephew Antonio sent you. Just so you know who to speak with, here is a picture of Uncle Vincenzio with our distant cousin Percy Weasley when they met at a wizarding conference that was held in Salem, Massachusetts.

Well that is all for now. So much to do before I catch the Hogwarts Express and start the new term. I've barely begun to pack and I don't want to forget anything. Tomorrow will be dedicated to packing and seeing what supplies I will be needing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Antonio - Eleanor Wigworthy here - ive seen you in the common room and thought id introduce myself.
chat to you soon, bye.

Lavender Ackerly said...

OMG, your uncle met Percy!! What was he like?

I've seen that shop in Diagon Alley, they sell some very pretty yarns. Off to have another look ;)