Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Well I am almost packed for the Men's Mid-West Knitting Retreat. My flight is Thursday morning at 7:41. So I need to finish packing and get to bed because I'll be up early. My flight arrives at 8:35, so it should be 9:30 or 10:00 am by the time I get to the bed and breakfast that I'll be staying at on Thursday. We have some things planned in Chicago for the day, then we leave Friday morning for the Circle Pines where we will be staying until Sunday.

I've packed a few projects to work on while I'm there: my top-down henley that I'm making for myself, pair of socks for myself, pair of socks for dad, Queen Anne's Lace shawl, my Shuntbumps finals project and I dug out some wool for a hat. LOL! Wonder if that will be enough...

Speaking of the Shuntbumps Finals... Oiy! What a project for the final round! It is a great pattern and an awesome cabled bag, but it is slow going. It used worsted weight wool on US2 needles! So it is a tight gauge, to give a firm fabric. It does not knit up quickly. Both Rowena and I are going slow on it. I also want to get it right, without any mistakes. This is going to be Mom's Christmas present.

Well, gotta finish packing my suitcase, get the laptop packed up, and print out anything I need to bring with me tomorrow. Don't want to have to do that stuff while rushing in the morning. We will have internet access at the Center, so I'll try to post when I can over the weekend.

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