Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Truths

Well last week we posted our get to know your cabin-mates activity. More than one person guessed correctly, but one person got it right and knew the reason why. Here's the explanation of each:

1. I am living in the house that I grew up in.
TRUE - this is a 2 family home that my parents own. Mom and Dad are living in the downstairs flat and I live in the upstairs flat.

2. I have never traveled outside of the United States.
FALSE! - Wisteria got it exactly right. We are located by the Canadian border and you only need cross the Niagara River to enter Canada. Growing up we would go to the Crystal Beach Amusement Park every summer. Until 9-11 it was not considered uncommon to cross an International Border to go play Bingo or go to a Chinese Restaurant.

3. My job in the printing field had me working on Books 1-6 of the Harry Potter series.
TRUE - the company I worked at until 2006 had a contract with Scholastic Books. I worked on many of the illustrated children's books they published as well as Harry Potter 1-6. We all had to sign non-disclosure agreements so once the materials were in house my official statement was "Harry Potter? I don't even know who that is!"

4. I have two brothers, an older brother and a younger brother.
TRUE - I am the poor middle child who never got anything! ;-)

Bernadette, Emma and the visiting Wisteria guessed correctly!


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