Tuesday, June 16, 2009


PART 1 - What's In Your Trunk"
Antonio brought...
1. Apricots
2. Alpaca Yarn
3. Angel Food Cake
4. Apple Cider
5. Alarm Clock
6. Ankle Socks
7. Art Supplies
8. Aardvark
9. Ant Farm
10. Abba's Greatest Hits (on CD)

PART 2 - WINGO! Wizard Bingo
It took some doing. I didn't think I would find a May birthday who was at Summer Camp.
The only I didn't have was a Patronus. I don't like the answers I get in the quizzes. Plus I would say my Patronus would be something like a giraffe or a penguin. Highly doubtful anyone has that :-).

PART 3 - Get to know your Spoiler & Spoilee
Left a comment on the project page for:
SPOILEE Violet le Veela's Lucky Diamonds socks (want!) and
SPOILER Luna Stalette's raglan baby sweater

WINGO Assistance
For anyone who needs help filling spaces for Wingo, here are things about me that fit
I'm a Hufflepuff
I like Dark Chocolate
I have 2 brothers
I dye yarn
I've been to a castle, the Casa Loma in Toronto, Ontario
I have a wand (2 in fact), but not a wizard hat
I collect Depression Era Green Glass
This is my 5th HSKS
I was born in May
I'm a Hufflepuff
I've taken the train to NYC
I live in Buffalo, NY... don't know if anyone is with 100 miles. Have to check on that one myself

Hope this helps


Jen C said...

That is so neat. I collect Depression glass in amber!!


Mrs.Haggie810 said...

I just had to say thanks for posting you list...you were my first stop and gave me one of the answers I needed! Also, depression glass is beautiful, I'd love to start collecting it!