Friday, May 8, 2009

Spoiled By Belladonna Boomslang Moody

I arrived home today to find this Muggle Post package hung on my door. I had received an owl from my spoiler Belladonna Boomslang Moody earlier this week, stating that she needed to send my package by Muggle Post because she could not find an owl large enough to carry it.
The package was stuffed full, as you can see from the copious amounts of Muggle Spello-tape that was needed to secure the package.
Once I had opened the package it was filled near bursting, with all sorts of goodies! First was this totally awesome felted shoulder satchel. I'm sure to be all the envy at next week's Knitting Guild meeting. Uncle Vincenzio and I will also be attending the Wizard's Spring Knitting Retreat next weekend, so this will come in handy to carry my projects. Uncle Vincenzio has been eyeing the bag and I'm sure I heard him say soemthing about transfiguring the tag from an "A" to a "V".
The satchel was just filled with yarn, needles and loads of other goodies.
There was also a black cloth project bag holding sock yarn as well as worsted weight yarn so I can make myself a hat to match my Hufflepuff house scarf.
KnitPicks Harmony circulars, my favorites; a pocket knife; mini book light, initial book mark; sock shaped point protectors, Hufflepuff mini calculator, Puff Picture Frame.
I'm not one for "dangly stitch markers" so she sent be a bag of black rubber O-Rings! O-Rings FTW!!!
A whole bunch of patterns: 3 sock patterns and 2 hat patterns.
A coffee lovers favorite... there's nothing like that 459th cup of coffee in the morning!
And since she had to include at least one dangly stitch marker; a potion bottle filled with a powdered potion from Professor Slughorn (who knows what it might do... luck potion, poison antidote, powdered unicorn horn?)
Again, thank you Bella for being an awesome spoiler! I'm going to clean out my knitting bag to put it all in my new satchel!


Violet Starfire said...

Wow! you were spoiled rotten!
Love the bag, and the bottle full of..?.. stuff. lol

Gryffinitter said...

Glad you liked it - you took great pics! This project may actually show up on my rave page...where up to now I have a few labelled things with no pics...

It is quite possible that that potion becomes whatever sort of potion you want...but that once you decide, it stays that way. Have not tried it out myself...

Rocky Moreno said...

Great package!

Pren said...

wow! lucky guy!