Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dyeing With Uncle Vincenzio

It's been a busy couple of weeks, dyeing lots of sock yarn for Uncle Vincenzio's shop. There was a 2 day Fiber Festival organized by Erinesstra Von-Hootenburg, who runs the Enchanted Ewe Woolery.

This afternoon all of the participating shops gathered at the town square for a party and fiber market. Erinesstra invited Uncle Vincenzio to participate, so he needed plenty of dyed sock yarn for the ladies to peruse.
For the last 2 weeks we were dyeing non-stop, which then followed with the required winding and skeining of the finishes yarns.

The party was great fun and everyone was admiring our works. We also sold a good deal, which was also good.
A good number of the ladies are interested in taking Uncle Vincenzio's class on Fiber Color Transfiguration, that he will be teaching at Erinesstra's shop this summer.


Lizzie Wychwood said...

OMG, those colour combos are fabulous!

setembrina said...

those are wonderful colours. is the raspberry and chocolate yarn available?