Sunday, September 28, 2008

An Angel Named Penelope

During HSKS5 I turned out to have the dreaded "Missing In Action" Owl. My spoiler had dutifully sent her package by Priority Owl, but it never arrived at the destination. I suspect the poor owl had been cunfunded as the Owl Post Information Center reported that owl could not deliver nor return the package. It sounds suspiciously like the work of dark wizards.

When it appeared that it was unlikely that this owl would ever turn up, Deputy Headmistress Wisteria Lovegood made sure that I would receive an Angel Package. Thanks to the lovely Penelope of Flitwick, from the Gryffindor house, I received my package today.


I see a big yellow satchel!

I'll have to keep my room-mates Draco and Rufus away from all those sweets

The Hufflepuff boy's dormitory will be smelling pretty sweet with the Lavender Reed Diffuser and the Aromatherapy Foam Bath Gels. There's also a set of KnitPicks Harmony DPNs and 2 skeins of Wildefoote sock yarn. I'm going to try out the Fred & George Not-So-Identical sock pattern with that!

Thanks again to Penelope and Wisteria for making sure I was not left out of HSKS5.


smiley-netta said...

That is so awesome! I'm so glad that you got a package, even though dark wizards tried to thwart the owl...and wow, you got spoiled!!! :D

Stu said...

I really like the bag in this package!

Penelope of Flitwick said...

I am glad your owl arrived safely and that you liked the smelly stuff. It really is a weakness for me all my spoilees get them ;)