Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Working with Uncle Vincenzio

What a week this has been! In addition to my schoolwork here at Hogwarts I am working with my uncle, Vincenzio Ricardo dela Weasley. Uncle Vincenzio runs a shoppe on Diagon Alley called TipoFilato, a magical fibers shoppe. Not only does he supply specially transfigured fibers to the wizarding community of London and the surrounding areas, but he also is a very popular instructor of muggle ladies who transfigure fiber, or knit as they call it.

Uncle Vincenzio has a group that meets twice every week. They call themselves a "knitting circle," although they remind me of Grammie Weasley's coven ladies. Uncle Vincenzio thought that was pretty funny, but suggested I not tell that to the ladies of the knitting circle... or Grammie Weasley.

Right now we are working in fiber color transfiguration, or what the muggles call "hand-painting." One of the ladies let me use her "digital camera" (though these muggle pictures still don't move, they call those "videos") and I took some pictures of the recent work I did.

Here are 2 "pics" of some Gryffindor colored yarn that I transfigured yesterday and is still hanging to dry. Uncle Vincenzio was very pleased with the results.

We use a type of muggle cauldron called a "crock pot" to heat set the color transfiguration after we paint the wool with colorful potions called "dyes."

Here are a couple versions of Ravenclaw colors that we did tonight. Right now they are cooling. After I'm done journaling I'll set them to wash and then hang to dry.

I'm really enjoying doing this. Not only do I get to work with my favorite uncle in his shoppe, but I'm learning muggle methods of fiber transfiguration as a part of my studies this year. Maybe once I'm done with school I can come work full time for Uncle Vincenzio. He's talked about opening a second shoppe as well in the future.

Well off to wash and rinse my wool, then time for bed. See you all in class!



Abigail Zinevra said...

That's awesome Antonio! You're super busy this year!

Agatha Ackerly said...

very very nice...hmm, might your wonderful spoilee ::who shall remain nameless:: be blessed by the receipt of one of these very creations? Hmm? I wonder...

Antonio dela Weasley said...

LOL @ Agatha!
Both of those skeins were snatched up as soon as they were posted to the shoppe.

I'll be doing something awesome for that nameless spoilee of mine. But I won't post pictures here. She's the type to come looking for things like that you know. ::grins::

Agatha Ackerly said...

Damn! And I thought I was being sneaky!!!