Thursday, January 10, 2008

Onward We Go...

Well now, I think I have my basics set up here. I'm linked to HSKS4, even got the logo to work as a clickable link. I've posted my Hufflepuff banner, proud badger that I am. I've even received a couple of welcomes from to dear house mates who I am sure we will get along smashingly once I've arrived at school.

I'm sure you're wondering just who Toni is, so let me tell you. First off you must be thinking... "A Weasley in Hufflepuff? Thought they were all Gryffindors!" Well I'm not exactly one of those Weasleys, though dad tells me that we are distant relatives. Something like our great-great-great grandfathers were cousins.

My dad is a wizard of course, the Weasleys being one of the oldest wizarding families in Europe. There really are just so many of them that I seem to be related to somehow or another. Dad works in Muggle Relations, often working with the different Embassies in the muggle government. Oh and he was in Hufflepuff, so I'm very excited to be sorted into his house!

My mum is a more complicated story. Her parents are originally from Italy, her father being a muggle diplomat and her mum an Italian witch. Papa and nonni came to England when papa began to work at the Italian Embassy in London. Mum was born here in England, but she didn't inherit nonni's magical abilities. She does posses a rare gift in the ability to see magical ability in others.

While she and papa lived in the muggle world, nonni often visited Diagon Alley with my mum. During these visits there were incidents where mum mistook other witches for nonni. It wasn't until she was of school age that her gift was recognized for what it was. From how mum explained it to me is that she sees witches and wizards differently. She can see the magic within them, something very few in the magic community can do. She tells me that she knew I would be a witch from the first time she saw me.

Mum and dad met when she was visiting papa at the embassy. He says it was love at fist sight. Mum thinks she was the first girl who didn't run away from him....LOL! Though the biggest surprise was when mum told him she knew he was a wizard from when she first met him.

So that is my family. Oh and I'm an only child as well. Granpa Weasley teases dad for not having a houseful like most people expect when they hear our name. But the three of us are very happy with our life.

Well that's that. It's rather late and I think I'd like to knit a bit before bed. I still have so much to do before I leave for Hogwarts. I should be able to post more tomorrow. I'm looking forward t ometting so many of you.

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