Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Professor????

This past weekend I was helping Uncle Vincenzio in his shoppe on Diagon Alley and there were rumours that a new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor had already been hired to teach next term at Hogwarts. While this isn't all that surprising, given that there has been a new instructor every term, it seems that the thing that everyone was talking about was "who" was hired.

From what the ladies in the knitting circle had heard, the new D.A.D.A. professor will be the younger sister of a former D.A.D.A. professor Dolores Umbridge. Up to now she had been living quietly in the colonies. Now she had returned to Britain and seems even more bent on achieving power and control than her older sister had. It seems that everyone is concerned with what will happen with Sarah Umbridge in a position of authority.


Fiera Firenze said...


That's awesome! LOL

Andromeda Finch-Fletchley said...

Well, at least the Lovegood sisters won't be after this DADA profesor unless they are not telling us something.

Wisteria Lovegoods said...

::choke:: Now that one would even force me to leave Hogwarts! Way too scary for me! I'd rather go to Muggle school...or use all the Dark Arts I've ever learned to remove her.

Bella Shacklebolt said...

LOL. Hogwarts is the perfect place for her. Keep her out of the White House.