Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lunch With the Ackerly's

Yesterday afternoon I had the chance to meet my spoilee Agatha Ackerly for lunch. She was traveling with her mum, Kataleena Ackerly and Agatha's young cousin Lucifer Scrimshaw. We had planned to meet at a pizzeria chain, which was a favorite of Lucifer's, but it was closed due to the Annual Independence Celebration of the Colonies. Fortunately there was a hoagie shoppe nearby that was open, although these American's refer to them as "subs."

Agatha's mum did some shopping with uncle Vincenzio in the muggle plaza while the 3 of us had lunch. We talked about our year at Hogwarts and our swapping experiences, although I couldn't tell her much about this one or it would ruin her surprise! I was also able to show Agatha some of the knitting techniques I've learned from the muggle ladies who visit uncle Vincenzio's shoppe. We both were quite amused that they call something "magic-loop" but it has no magic involved. LOL!

Agatha's cousin Lucifer is a brilliant young bloke who is fascinated by muggle gadgetry. Unlike most wizards though, he understands and can use it all! While Agatha and I were knitting he sat by the windows using his muggle "laptop computer." Before we all left he used what he called a "digital camera" to take a photo of Agatha and I. Agatha sent it to me by electronic owl.

I don't quite understand all this muggle "technology" myself, but it doesn't seem to have worked correctly. Young Lucifer only took a picture of Agatha and I, yet the picture is of Agatha's mum and my uncle Vincenzio. Something is not quite right with that. I'll have to ask the Muggle Studies instructor about this in our next class.

We are hoping to meet up again the next time Agatha comes to town.


Agatha Ackerly said...

We MUST do it again soon!

Antonio dela Weasley said...

Definitely... I'm craving Pizza Plant now!

Agatha Ackerly said...

you know I looked it up and the ONLY two locations are there in Buffalo?

Lavender A said...

Hehe, the "magic" of the muggle camera cracks me up.